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Owner - Michelle M.

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Originally trained as an employee for Menagerie Pet Sitting, Michelle took over the business in Nov 2011. She has experience working with dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, etc. Michelle is focused on building a team of pet sitters with unbeatable integrity. We want to bring peace of mind and happiness to pets and owners. If your pet needs subcutaneous IVs or injections, you may be working with Michelle. Michelle is Pet First Aid and Pet CPR certified.


Employee - Tracy

Tracy is a pro at cats, dogs, bunnies, chickens and birds and is trained on a large percentage of our clients.  She is super responsible, trained on insulin, and we get a lot of rave reviews about her from clients and pets alike.


Employee - Jane

Jane is a cat specialist who loves to keep kitties healthy and playing.  With her handy laser light and good reading of cats, she's gotten some of our most shy kitties to come out.  She's trained on insulin.  She also is totally great with dogs, but prefers when they don't pull too hard.


Employee - Lisa

Lisa is great with cats and is extremely gentle and professional.  We've definitely heard her talking to the shy kitties and even our most timid furries eventually come out to greet her. :)  She's super conscientious.  Trained on cat insulin.  Good with easy-going uncomplicated dogs.


Employee - Gisela

Gisela works with our regular walk dogs and some of our more athletic dogs.  She has also worked with some of our more behaviorally-challenged dogs and done great.  Gisela went through a few months of dog training with her own pup.  Trained on cat insulin.


Support Employee - Natalie

Natalie is experienced in a lot of different types of animals, including dogs and cats, and is great at being calm, responsible and following instructions.  She has shown a lot of promise in being completely adaptable to whatever a client needs.


Support Employee - Alyssa N.

Alyssa has experience from working at a doggie daycare and doing pet sits for over a year with us. She is an outstanding pet sitter, and great with dogs and cats. Her work ethic and care for what she does have always been great.  Alyssa N. has insulin experience and has received some training in subcutaneous fluids with Michelle.


Support Employee - Alyssa S.

Alyssa S. is also a return employee who supports our overflow from time to time.  She's great with cats and dogs and has a calm, happy demeanor that pets enjoy.